Family Friendly Christian Fiction

"No graphic language, sexuality or violence."

MAELSTROM: A violent confusion of feelings, ideas, or conditions.

2178 A.D. After debris from the Archelaus Super Comet began raining down on earth, a nuclear detonation unleashed the Zerium Maelstrom. For almost eighty years now, the resulting asteroid storm has been testing the earth's skill and technology. With a new, unavoidable danger approaching, mankind has mere weeks left. And only one option remaining. A-De Quanah Parker must make an untested time travel mission back to 2092 to reverse the effects of the nuclear explosion that has thwarted the efforts of the A-De Corp. One narrow chance for survival—if all goes well. If. Facing his prejudices; resisting the allure of Shy Andorrian; Coping with his best friends' unexplained absence; Escaping the operatives of the fanatical Star Apostles? Against such odds, how can Zerium Five succeed?

When an Army widow is found dead, signs initially point toward natural causes. However, a pool of blood and missing eye-glasses, suggest something more sinister. When a consulting detective, desperate for vindication from personal failures and professional scandal in his past, looks closer, a trail of confusing clues pushes him to the edge of his deductive abilities. Determined to repair his reputation he must juggle an obsessive love interest, and convince lead detective Peter Webb, that his suspicions are on target. But how when each new clue leads in another direction? Can he find an explanation for the conflicting information and revive his career? Has murder been committed, or is personal revenge alone driving his suspicions? Who's responsible for the Body in Toppin Square?

Lifelong Skeptic Cole Harrington's adventure, on the Utopian world Baois, leaves him shuddering in a corner of his room. Initially rejecting the idea he'd been mysteriously transported to another world, missing constellations and multi-colored eyes soon confirm the undeniable reality.

Fearful his alien identity might bring him harm, he passes himself off as a despised 'inlander.' But a new, twofold dread soon occupies his mind. First the identity of fearsome, fog-dwelling beasts known as the creatures, and, second, by what appears to be their principal prey. Doubly confused by the people's cryptic language and inaction against the evil monsters, Cole comes to one startling conclusion. Thank God there are no such beasts on earth.

Aren Warlick would've never believed a research project would be the gateway to the greatest adventure of his young life. Following his mother's advice, Aren pursues the Native American legend of a mystical creature once said to inhabit the thick forests near his hometown. His initial inquiries point to the unbelievable possibility the magical Troll, said to possess the power to solve any problem, really did exist. Could he still be there after hundreds of years? Aren's investigation is weighed down by an equally troubling mystery. A beautiful woman clearly portrayed in his parent's wedding photos. Who is she? What role does she play in his father's dark mood? Neither his mother or father will discuss her, so where can he turn for answers?

Can they be found in the magical darkness of Rich Man's Wood?

Tommy Howell, a father of three is invited by his sister to come to their childhood home for the holidays. Tommy's reluctance is overcome by predictions of a White Christmas, and pressure from his sister and he makes the trip from his Charleston, South Carolina home, to the mountains of western North Carolina three days before Christmas. Uncertain whether the trip is worth the effort, Tommy there learns that his father Jesse's sickness will make this his last Christmas. Faced with the unwanted urgency of making peace Tommy is forced to relive painful memories as he decides whether he will forgive his father or hang on to the anger he feels is justified. The tension threatens to ruin the holidays for everyone until,...

Can there be peace? Will there be a Christmas Truce?

The Christmas Truce has been endorsed by a New York Times Best-selling author and has been featured on a number of nationwide radio programs.

One year ago Tommy Howell came to terms with the bitterness that had stolen years from the relationship he could have had with his father. But his heart is still plagued with questions about the rift that existed. After sharing his heart with wife Lana about his desire to know more a stranger brings an ornate box with a secondary engraving in the lid. For Tommy it read. Inside they discover a menagerie of photos and papers that his sister Dina suggests are part of a diary. Can the answers Tommy seeks be found in Jesse's Journal? And what other heartache might he find before a lingering wound is healed?

The sleepy town of Aydenburg has become the center of nationwide attention. An infant diagnosed at birth with a fatal illness defies expectations, living beyond her predicted demise, and unintentionally shrouding her family and community in the clouds of controversy. A flamboyant local minister calls it a miracle, despite doctors on the case being undecided about a possible misdiagnosis. A skeptical journalist, with an axe to grind, comes to believe it's a hoax. A bitter spinster sees it as a chance to rid herself of a hated nemesis. Amidst these competing agenda's one broken-hearted mother is torn, needing the miracle to be genuine, yet plagued by questions if it were.

Into this emotional frenzy comes Cassiel the Watcher, an angel tasked with the mission of secretly bringing four broken people to healing and wholeness.

"Miracles are needed in a town below," Cassiel speaks as he embarks on his mission. "One especially involving a young mother. But hearts must be melted first. Two souls have grown bitterly cold, another has lost the path. These must be restored, and then the child shall live."

What will be the outcome of Cassiel's Watch?